Fascism in the UK

Nov. 21, 2017 by

A Contemporary Taxonomy of Britain’s Far Right Anti-fascists need to look at how the far-right has organised in the past and is currently organising if they are to halt the rise of a potentially resurgent far-right. Fascism was imported to Britain

Out of the Woodwork: Part 2

Jun. 23, 2017 by

Confronting the Raids | 2017 My phone vibrates. I find the text. My heart is pounding. I check my clothes are indistinct and make sure I have a cover for my face. There is no time to hang around; time is

Centring Survivors: The Trouble with Stand Up To Racism

Feb. 9, 2017 by

Content Note: Sexual Violence, Rape Apologism, SWP ‘Some non-SWP organisers may argue that calls for a boycott are divisive, we must be clear that perpetuating political spaces that put survivors at risk is divisive.’ We live in a time when

Out of the Woodwork

Oct. 29, 2016 by

Two people. Two crowbars. We’re deep into the night and we’ve been working on this project for way too long to give up anytime soon. Juggling a few things at once: keeping the noise down so we don’t wake up

Building an Anti-Fascist Culture Post Brexit

Oct. 29, 2016 by

This text was written by some people involved in the Anti Raids Network – it doesn’t represent the position of the whole network. A vast amount has already been said about ‘Brexit’ and the general  climate of nationalism and xenophobia

Organising in our Communities

Aug. 18, 2015 by

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL) have been organising together for two years on housing, benefits and other issues we face relating to poverty. Over time we have explored ways to make our organising more accessible and better addressed to