June 23, 2017

base #2 / print-run 1000 copies
London, June 2017

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“The Last Days of a White World”

An essay examining the theoretical and historical overlaps between fascism and liberalism in the context of capitalist white supremacy.


We are the Lions

Remembering the Grunwick strike 40 years on – featuring highlights from the exhibition including the results of a community print workshop


The Works

An article which tells a story of growing up surrounded by steel, industry and injury in Port Talbot


Murals in the North of Ireland

Bill Rolston details the traditions of the political murals which can be found across the Northern part of Ireland


On Climate / Borders / Survival / Care / Struggle

A conversation with the Out of the Woods collective – examining the relationships between climate change, state violence, borders & much more


Out of the Woodwork: Part 2

A collection of voices exposing moments, memories & action in organising



Longtime contributor Wasi Daniju recently held her first photographic exhibition – on the importance of visibility for black muslim women. We’re honoured to publish a selection of its contents here


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